Doyens of Jazz

Doyen (noun) the most respected or prominent person in a particular field.

Twice a year the VJC selects a group of Victorian musicians who have made an outstanding contribution to the world of jazz and holds a private dinner where these "doyens" are awarded a certificate of achievement before their friends and family.


2015 - September
  • Ross Anderson
  • Des Camm
  • Hugh d’Rosayro
  • John Morrison
  • Alan Richards
  • Bob Whetstone
2015 - March
  • John Adams
  • Fred Clark
  • Alex Hutchinson
  • Bill Kerr
  • Joe McConechy
2014 - July
  • Wes Brown
  • Alf Hurst
  • Kenn Jones
  • Tony Newstead
  • Harry Price
  • Fred Stephenson

2015 - September

L to R: Bob Whetstone, Alan Richards, John Morrison, Ross Anderson. Geoff Tobin accepting award on behalf of Hugh D’Rosayro. John Cox accepting on behalf of Des Camm.

On Sunday 20th September the third in the VJC’s series of “Tribute to the Doyens of Jazz” was held at the Clayton RSL.. Musicians honored on this occasion, in alphabetical order were: Ross Anderson, Des Camm, Hugh d’Rosayro, John Morrison, Alan Richards and Bob Whetstone.

These musicians, together with their nominated family members and friends, were treated to a dinner accompanied by an award presentation in appreciation of the amount of pleasure they have given over the years to Melbourne jazz lovers.

Hugh d’Rosayro and Des Camm were unable to attend at the last minute, but their awards were received on their behalf by Geoff Tobin and John Cox respectively.

It was good to see President of Geelong Basil Blight with Bev, and President of Moe Latrobe Valley Jazz Club Bruce Lawn with Carol in the audience.

It was indeed a happy evening, with lots of “muso’s chatter” and some nice jazz music provided by the Jason Downes Trio. At one stage the was an all-in “blow” and on stage at the one time were: Alan Richards (playing drums on the lecturn in the absence of drums) Lindsay Flint reeds, Les Fithall trombone, Bob Whetstone trumpet, Ross Anderson bass, Leigh Barker, tuba, Jason Downes reeds, John Cox banjo, John Scurry guitar, John Morrison and Kim Harris piano.! Boy, what a lineup! And the sound was fantastic!

The Jason Downes Trio doing their best to play above the enthusiastic chatter

Doyens and friends. Check out the Lecturn solo!