Past Events

The Jazz Club usually hosts four regular events each month: Saturday Night Jazz on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Saurdays plus our Wednesday Daytime Jazz function, usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

These are the Past Events at the VJC, with reviews and photographs where available. For Upcoming Events please look at Events.

Past Events

Wed, 21/2/18Smithy's Scallywags
Sat, 17/2/18New Dixie Allstars
Sun, 4/2/18Sunday Jazz
Sat, 3/2/18Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes
Sat, 27/1/18Sugarfoot Ramblers
Wed, 17/1/18Virus with Chris Tanner
Sun, 14/1/18Warragul Country Club
Sat, 13/1/18The New Nite Owls
Sun, 31/12/17New Years Eve
Sat, 9/12/17VJC Christmas Party
Wed, 6/12/17Creole Bells Revival Band with Bev Sheahan
Sat, 25/11/17Ruby Page and Joe Ruberto Jazztet
Wed, 15/11/17Golden City Classic Jazz with guest Graham Eames on trumpet
Sun, 12/11/17Steve Purcell's Pearly Shells Hot 6
Sat, 11/11/17Riviera
Sat, 28/10/17Syncopators
Wed, 25/10/17Cope Street Parade
Sun, 22/10/17The Goodman-Holiday Sessions
Sat, 14/10/17Shiraz
Wed, 4/10/17Seniors Week Concert
Wed, 27/9/17Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 23/9/17Riviera Jazz Band
Wed, 20/9/17Jasper's Jazz Hounds
Sun, 10/9/17Big Band Swing Day
Sat, 9/9/17The Slip Dixies
Sat, 26/8/17Hot Club Swing
Wed, 16/8/17Le Jazz Hot
Sat, 12/8/17Creole Bells Revival
Sun, 6/8/17Tribute to Louis Armstrong
Sat, 22/7/17Christmas in July with Des Camm and His Band
Wed, 19/7/17Louisiana Shakers
Sun, 9/7/17John Newman Memorial Trad Jazz Day
Sat, 8/7/17The Hot B Hines
Sat, 24/6/17Whitehorse Wanderers
Wed, 21/6/17Andy Baylor Western Swing
Sun, 4/6/17Swing 17
Sat, 27/5/17Hot Club Swing
Wed, 17/5/17Julie O'Hara and Bopkick
Sat, 13/5/17Moonee Valley Jazz Band
Wed, 26/4/17Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 22/4/17High Society Jazz Orchestra
Wed, 19/4/17Peter Gaudion's Blues Express
Sun, 9/4/17Classic Jazz Party
Sat, 8/4/17Dixie Street All Stars Jazz Band
Wed, 29/3/17Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 25/3/17Mike McQuaid's Late Hour Boys
Wed, 15/3/17Seven Up
Sat, 11/3/17Sugar foot Ramblers
Wed, 22/2/17Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 18/2/17Mike Field (Canada) - Trumpeter - with top local upcoming musos.
Wed, 15/2/17Danni Smith with the Scallywags - "Night at the Cotton Club"
Sat, 28/1/17Radio Days Orchestra (Pat Miller)
Wed, 25/1/17Leigh Barker and the New Sheiks featuring Heather Stewart
Sat, 14/1/17Riviera Jazz Band - with Kim Rushworth
Sat, 31/12/16New Years Eve
Sat, 10/12/16Xmas Breakup
Wed, 7/12/16Creole Bells Reunion Band
Wed, 23/11/16Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Wed, 16/11/16Geoff Bull & the Finer Cuts
Sat, 12/11/16The Marketeers
Sat, 5/11/16Peter Hooper and his Royal Garden Jazz Band
Wed, 19/10/16Radio Days Orchestra
Sat, 8/10/16Stevenson's Rockets
Wed, 5/10/16Seniors Concert
Sat, 1/10/16Sugar Foot Ramblers
Wed, 28/9/16Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Wed, 21/9/16Crescent City Connection
Sun, 11/9/16Swing-Jazz-Jive Big Band Day
Sat, 10/9/16The Barry Currie Quintet
Sat, 3/9/16Nolte Brothers Novelty Six
Wed, 24/8/16Dixie Heroes
Sat, 13/8/16Le Jazz Hot
Sun, 7/8/16Louis Armstrong Tribute
Sat, 6/8/16The Furbelows
Sat, 23/7/16Xmas in July
Sun, 10/7/16John Newman Memorial Trad Jazz Day
Sat, 9/7/16New Dixie Street
Sat, 25/6/16Whitehorse City Swing Band
Sat, 4/6/16The Syncopators
Sat, 28/5/16Georgia Brooks Sextet
Sat, 14/5/16Royal Garden Jazz Band Melbourne Connection
Sat, 7/5/16Dr. Craske's Swingin Elixirs
Wed, 27/4/16Daytime Jazz
Sun, 10/4/16Classic Jazz Party
Sat, 9/4/16Louis Tribute Band
Sat, 2/4/16Juliarna Clark and Her Statesmen
Wed, 23/3/16Midweek Jazz
Sat, 19/3/16Kissing Harriet
Sat, 5/3/16The Hot B Hines
Sat, 27/2/16Pippa Wilson
Wed, 24/2/16Midweek Jazz
Sat, 20/2/16Mike Field
Sat, 6/2/16Loose Goose Band
Sat, 30/1/16Hot Club Swing
Wed, 27/1/16Midweek Jazz
Sat, 16/1/16Sugarfoot Ramblers
Thu, 14/1/16Riviera Jazz Band - with Kim Rushworth
Thu, 31/12/15New Years Eve
Sat, 12/12/15Xmas breakup
Sat, 5/12/15Ruby Page and Joe Ruberto
Sat, 28/11/15Red Hot Rhythm Makers
Wed, 25/11/15Southside Jazz
Sat, 14/11/15Syncopators
Sat, 7/11/15Double A Jazz Band
Sun, 1/11/15West Gippsland Jazz
Sat, 31/10/15Finer Cuts with Geoff Bull
Sun, 25/10/15Yarraville Jazz and Swing
Sat, 24/10/15Georgia Brooks Sextet
Sat, 10/10/15Royal Garden Jazz Band
Wed, 7/10/15Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 3/10/15Tom Brier
Sat, 26/9/15The Pearly Shells
Wed, 23/9/15Wednesday Daytime Jazz
Sat, 12/9/15Ray Lewis with Brett Iggulden
Sat, 5/9/15The Furbelows
Wed, 26/8/15Daytime Jazz returns!
Sat, 22/8/15Andrew Nolte and His Orchestra
Sat, 8/8/15New Dixie Street
Sun, 2/8/15Louis Armstrong Tribute
Sat, 1/8/15The Shuffle Club
Sat, 25/7/15XMas In July
Sun, 12/7/15Newman Memorial Trad Jazz Day
Sat, 11/7/15Creole Bells Reunion Band
Sat, 4/7/15Hot Club Swing
Sat, 27/6/15The Pearly Shells
Sat, 13/6/15Barry Hirst - Grovelanders
Sat, 6/6/15Closed for Merimbula Festival
Sat, 23/5/15Hetty Kate and friends
Sat, 9/5/15Riviera Jazz Band
Sat, 2/5/15Juliarna Cleal & the Heartjazz Statesmen
Wed, 29/4/15Daytime Jazz
Sun, 26/4/15The VJC's Annual Classic Jazz Party
Sat, 25/4/15George Washingmachine & friends
Sat, 11/4/15The Sugarfoot Ramblers
Sat, 4/4/15Closed - Easter Saturday
Sat, 28/3/15Ruby Page - Joe Ruberto Jazztet
Wed, 18/3/15Daytime Jazz ** CANCELLED **
Sat, 14/3/15Shirazz
Sat, 7/3/15The Cotton Club Orchestra
Sat, 28/2/15Dr. Craske's Swingin' Elixirs
Wed, 25/2/15Daytime Jazz
Sat, 7/2/15New Orleans Connection
Sat, 31/1/15Pearly Shells

Event Details

Smithy's Scallywags
Wednesday 21st Feb 2018