The Victorian Jazz Club Inc. is an Incorporated body and operates under a set of Model Rules approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria. There is a commitee of 11 people, made up of four Executive and seven General Committee members.

The Committee meets monthly and attends to all facets of the operation of the Club. In accordance with the Model Rules, there is an Annual General Meeting and one extra General Meeting each year, which may be attended by any financial member of the Club.

To assist the Committee and the running of the Club, there is also a group of volunteers who carry out various tasks upon request.

On nights when there is a jazz gig, there is a "Member's Jackpot Draw" randomly picked. However in order to collect, the member is required to be present. If the winner is not present, the amount jackpots each week until a winner is drawn who is present to collect. This jackpot does not continue past the Christmas break and a system is put in place enabling the jackpot to be claimed on the night of the Christmas breakup.