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Committee 2021

The committee elected at AGM 2021. Graeme Akerman, Gordon Shaw, Lara Beck, Liz Thommers, Warren Denmead, Ian Richardson, Simon Vancam and Peter McKay.

Hot Club Swing

Hot Club Swing band plays french gypsy swing music.

Hambone Kelly's Lu Watters Jazz Band

This is the venue that Lu Watters Jazz Band used in San Francisco in the late 1940's.

Pelicans with Jens Lingdren

New Orleans Pelicans with Jens Lindgren from Sweden


Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes.

The Great Gatsby Vintage Jazz Band is led by Peter Milley who is also leader of the Cairo Club Orchestra.

Pat Miller not only leads the Radio Days Big Band but also runs the New Nite Owls. He’s a very talented musician and also a very busy one!

Pianist extraordinaire - Joe Ruberto who performs for the VJC with Ruby Page and is also a regular at the Rising Sun Hotel South Melbourne.

Taken at Clayton, this was a night of pure enjoyment for dancers. There was lots of energy being expended and wonderful foot tapping music to be heard.

Band leader of Dr. Crask’s Elixirs - Greg and vocalist Jen shared a snapshot with VJC’s Kenneth Weeks - aka Sir Dancealot! At 89 he is the oldest swing dancer in Australia - his stamina is unbelievable.

Cal Duffy

Cal Duffy on washboard, sitting in with Syncopators.

A very fine duo are these two musicians - Jason Downes on reeds, and Rob Moffatt on trombone. Rob is also doing vocals these days!

Richard Opat is considered to be one of Melbourne’s top jazz drummers - he was in fine form At East Malvern with Nite Owls.

Last year Brennan Hamilton-Smith was awarded the Patrick Flint Award for his Jazz competence, together with the usual cheque.

New combo under the leadership of Jason Downes is “Shifafa” who performed at Clayton recently.

L to R : Nils Olsen - Danish reeds player with Andrew and Kirsten London who make up the Andrew London Trio. They’ll be back!

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